Eagles Football
This playoff patch set has all of the patches that you will need for the 2008-2009 season.  There are two
different color combination please
contact us.  Either by phone or by email.  Each patch comes to $18
each.   The full set will include 7 patches total, including a large state patch for your State Title($50.00).  
You can remove any of the sleeve playoff patches that you do not want by selecting "Yes" after the remove
patch selection.  Leave as "No" to receive the patch.
2008-2009 Allen Eagle Football Team Playoff Package This is the full set of playoff patches for the 2008-2009 Championship season. Great job guys!
$158.00 Would you like us to sew on the patches?
Remove District Champ patch
To not receive
certain patches in
the set simply
select YES next to
the patch you do
not want and you
will not be charged
for it!
Remove Area Champ patch
Remove Bi-District Champ patch
Remove Quarterfinal Champ patch
Remove Regional Champ patch
Remove Semi-Final Champ patch
Remove Large State patch
Click to view larger image
Se:t A
Chenille: White
Outline: Navy Blue
Text: Red
Felt: Navy Blue
Set: B
Chenille: White
Outline: Navy Blue
Text: Navy Blue
Felt: Navy Blue
Use these color selections
if you wish to add other
patches to your order.
So to receive these patches simply select "Yes" for us to sew on the patches ($35
charge) or "No" to have the patches shipped right to your door.  Select which color
scheme you wish to order and then hit the "Order Now" button. You will be charged an
automatic shipping charge.   Please include your phone number, name and return address
in the package.  Once we are finished we will UPS ground deliver the jacket right back
to your door.  If you do not want us to sew your patches on for you can simply select
"No" in the above option and we will send you the patches directly.
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